The science

Our team of trusted health experts has used cutting-edge science to develop a powerful approach to wellness. We leverage data from millions of individuals to understand how little changes can lead to big improvements in your health. H&B&Me tracks your sleep quality, physical activity, nutrition, and emotional wellbeing. This data helps us calculate your unique biological age – a data-driven indicator of your overall health. We then provide actionable goals and tips to help you improve these areas and boost your wellness.
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What is biological age?

Research suggests that biological age is a prediction of how fast your body is ageing. It could be a more accurate way to measure ageing compared to actual, chronological age.

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What is it used for?

A younger biological age could be a good sign of healthy habits. An older biological age could highlight areas to improve your health and to help prevent future problems.

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How is it calculated?

The way H&B&Me calculates biological age is based on over 300 million person-years of clinical data. It takes into account your age and gender and compares you with others.

Our SCIENCE team

The minds behind the movement

We’re proud of our dedicated team of experts who ensure the latest science drives everything we do.

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Regulated, safe and effective

LML and Inuvi are registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission which means they’re held to the same standards as GP practices, hospitals and other health care providers in the UK.

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UKAS medical accreditation

LML and Inuvi are both UKAS accredited, meaning an independent evaluation has taken place regarding their competence, impartiality and performance capability to ensure the quality of the services they provide.


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