Discover your true age with H&B&Me

Your chronological age doesn't tell the whole story. H&B&Me reveals your biological age and offers expert tools to optimise your health and longevity. Download the app today and unlock your healthier tomorrow.

Phone showing a screen from the app showing you an example biological age score that is 7.5 years younger than their actual age.


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Understand your body better

Access comprehensive health testing, set achievable goals and enjoy ongoing support for lasting results.
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Biological age tracking

Discover your biological age and set goals to improve your health.

Health testing

Choose health tests suited to you and get fast, doctor-reviewed results.

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Tailored bundles

Get specific product suggestions based on the areas you want to improve.

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Wellness coach

Stay motivated with expert guidance throughout your wellness journey.

Little changes.
Big results.

Ditch the all-or-nothing approach. H&B&Me guides you with bite-sized changes backed by science. Feel the difference, day by day.

App showing Fitness level score. App showing fitness level score.
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Your smarter way
to wellness

Turn your data into action. Download the app and effortlessly sync your favourite trackers.

Over 150 years of
wellness wisdom

Building on Holland & Barrett's heritage, our app puts expert-led solutions at your fingertips.

App featuring a coach feature which is asking questions about sleep. App featuring a coach feature which is asking questions about sleep.
Get started

Try it first, get early access

Download the H&B&Me app now and discover your biological age, for free! We’ll support you to improve your health through better sleep, an energised body, a calmer mind and nourishing food.


Change today for a better tomorrow

Level up your wellbeing and optimise your biological age by targeting 4 key pillars of wellness.
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Sleep quality

Improve your sleep with science-backed guidance tailored to your goals.

Nutritional intake

Explore a world of delicious, nutritionist-developed recipes that work for you.

Physical activity

Rediscover your get-up-and-go with our expert-led training methods and solutions.

Emotional wellbeing

Build a meditation practice with mindfulness sessions designed to help you find balance.


A lady smiling in yellow jumper

Dr Leah Gorodi

Medical Lead and GP with a focus in lifestyle medicine and health prevention

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Dr Taran Toor

Chief Medical Officer, clinical entrepreneur and GP


For a better tomorrow, the change starts right now

It’s easier than you think with H&B&Me. Download the H&B&Me app now to begin