Our purpose

Little changes. Big results.

H&B&Me exists to make health and wellness a way of life for everyone, adding quality years to life.

Unlock your potential

Reveal your biological age and take steps to improve it, whether that's by improving sleep quality, nourishing your body, finding news ways to get moving, or calming your mind.

H&B&Me reveals your body's inner age and supports you to improve it. Your biological age can be a clue to your health risks, even though it doesn't directly cause them. This can help you understand your body better and improve your awareness of your overall health.

Discover your biological age

Maintain momentum with H&B&Me's personalised goal setting and tracking tools. From boosting your daily fibre intake and sleeping 7-9 hours, to regularly getting up and moving, H&B&Me will help you stay on track with your goals.

Set goals and track your progress

H&B&Me is about shifting your mindset towards a holistic approach. We help you visualise your wellbeing and lifestyle as a whole. To do this, we focus on 4 pillars we believe are fundamental to wellness: sleep quality, nutritional intake, physical activity and emotional wellbeing.

Focus on 4 pillars of wellness

Find out what's going on inside your body with targeted tests and doctor-reviewed results delivered within 48 hours to your H&B&Me app. Choose from comprehensive tests that check up to 50+ biomarkers, or single biomarker tests for focused insights.

Know your body better with health tests

Our sophisticated AI coach provides personalised nudges and expert advice (written by doctors, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, sleep specialists and more) to help you make healthy choices that stick.

Stay motivated with our wellness coach