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Ready to unlock your potential?

Your biological age is just the beginning. The smarter way to lifelong wellness starts with H&B&Me.
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Harness expert knowledge

Stay motivated with guidance from our doctors, nutritionists, sleep specialists and more.

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Track your progress

Maintain momentum with advanced goal-setting and tracking tools.

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Know your body better

Find out what's going on in your body with targeted health tests and doctor-reviewed results.

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Explore tailored solutions

From recipes to workouts, get personalised support to match your unique needs.


The minds behind the movement

We’re proud of our dedicated team of experts who ensure the latest science drives everything we do.


Change today for a better tomorrow

Optimise your biological age and boost your wellbeing by targeting 4 key pillars of wellness:
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Sleep quality

Improve your sleep quality with science-backed guidance tailored to your goals.

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Explore a world of delicious, nutritionist-developed recipes that work for you.

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Physical activity

Boost your fitness and feel more energised with expert-led training methods and solutions.

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Emotional wellbeing

Build a meditation practice with mindfulness sessions designed to help you find balance.