Phlebotomy tests

What to expect from your test

There are two ways to collect a blood sample: the venous or finger prick method.

Our phlebotomy service uses the venous method. This involves a phlebotomist using a needle to collect blood from a vein in your arm.

This method enables us to test for an extensive range of biomarkers, and is ideal for achieving a detailed picture of your overall health.

How it works

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Choose your test

Choose your phlebotomy test, place your order, then register your test in the H&B&Me app.

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Book your test

Once you’ve registered your test, a phlebotomist will call you to arrange your appointment.


Have your test

On the day of your appointment, a trained phlebotomist will collect your sample at your home.

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Get your results

View your results in the app within 48 hours. If you need to follow up with a GP, we’ll let you know.

At home service

We’ve partnered with a team of expert CQC-registered professionals specialising in blood sample collection.

When you buy an at home phlebotomy test, our testing provider will contact you to arrange your appointment.

Then, a trained phlebotomist will visit you at home to perform your test at a time that suits you. It really is that easy.

A blood test happening with biomarker results overlaid.


To book an appointment, you’ll first need to buy a phlebotomy blood test. Currently, this includes our Well Woman and Well Man tests. After placing your order, you’ll receive a phone call from our clinical partner within 2-3 working days to arrange your appointment. When arranging your appointment, please allow enough time for your test kit to arrive before the test takes place.

Your blood sample will be collected by a trained phlebotomist from our clinical partners, Inuvi Health Limited, who are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Please note your sample will not be collected by anyone from H&B&Me or Holland & Barrett, and we are not registered with the CQC. Visit our clinical partners page or read our leaflet to learn more about your blood test.

You can have your blood test at most home addresses in the UK, apart from Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Man.

You won’t receive a complete test kit because the phlebotomist attending your appointment will bring most of the equipment needed to collect your blood sample. However, you will still receive a kit that includes the following: 

  • Instructions 
  • A pre-paid return envelope 
  • A test request form 

Your labelled blood sample, completed test request form and return envelope should be taken with the phlebotomist at the end of your appointment. They'll return your sample for you.

You’ll receive your results on the H&B&Me app within 48 hours of our lab partners receiving your blood sample. You can also download a PDF version of your results and the doctor's report to keep for your records.

No. The phlebotomist doing your test will return your blood sample for you. However, please ensure you give them the pre-paid return envelope, blood sample labels and test request form that comes with your kit.

On the day of your test, drink plenty of water to improve hydration and enable a smoother blood draw. Avoid strenuous exercise, drinking caffeine and alcohol, and smoking immediately before your appointment, as these activities raise your blood pressure.

Let the phlebotomist know if you’ve had any previous problems, such as fainting, nausea, and blood clotting issues, or if you bruise easily. You should also let them know if you are currently taking Warfarin or Aspirin on a long-term basis.