18 April 2024

Becoming H&B&Me

Becoming H&B&Me

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to have evolved from Ivie Wellness into H&B&Me – a new app by Holland & Barrett.

We’re on a mission to add quality years to life and better serve our customers' needs so we’ve been working hard over the past few months to expand our offering. We’re now launching H&B&Me, which we hope you check out, but in doing so we made the decision to say goodbye to the Ivie brand. It felt necessary with our revamped mission and offer to revamp our identity so Ivie is no more but don’t worry we’ve not lost what made Ivie great. 

What does this mean for former Ivie customers?

  • Access to old test results: You still get access to all your previous results. Just need to download the H&B&Me app and use the same email you used for Ivie to access the previous results!
  • Buying new tests: We’ve still got all the blood tests available you know and love but now with a new look. Still the great quality tests you enjoyed previously at the same prices. We’ve even added a new Female Hormone test!
  • What else is new? You’ll have access to measure your Biological age for free! We’re also, for a limited time, allowing full access to more extra features such as goals and access to expert content to help you reclaim your age.

We're confident that H&B&Me will enhance your wellness journey. 

Buy a test or download the app now.

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